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BMW car history

The head department of BMW corporation is in Germany, in the city of Munich. The company is engaged in production of powerful cars and motorcycles . Start date of legend of automotive industry it is possible to call safely July, 1917. Then, owing to World War I, demand on the engine for planes has begun. As a result Bayerische Motoren Werke ("The Bavarian motor plants") — BMW arises. While there was war the company, existed and when has stopped, has suffered losses, and has nearly stopped existence. But founders of firm make the decision a little to change specialization and to make motorcycles. Nevertheless work with aircraft engines was continued. The era of release of the first cars has begun in 1928 when the first automobile works has been acquired. The design of the car of BMW habitual to our look is exhausted in 1933. It is the first six cylinder engine of the company. Prior to the next war the plant makes some more cars. During military operations production of aircraft engines, including jet is resumed. The end of World War II has nearly stopped activity of concern. But owners have coped with crisis and have continued release of car. And in 1986 the BMW M3 racing car has been presented. Which wins first place in the World Cup. So far the firm has made a lot more models of this brand. We hope further will continue the work. All cars gather on the plant only by means of human hands, and what that tells it about.