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Devel Sixteen - the truth or the myth!?

About a year ago on auto show in Dubai the "fantastic" Devel Sixteen supercar has been announced. The company has stated that the power of 16 cylinder power plants equipped with 4 turbines will be 5 thousand horsepowers (that very much to present measures, the champion - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport gives power in 1200 hp). The engine has been developed in the USA, and according to the developer at the beginning gave only 1000 horses then its power mysterious and unknown mode has increased up to 5 thousand. Designers claim that when developing the car they were inspired by military fighters though actually the car looks like one of latest models of Lamborghini more. You are surprised not less when you learn how many the producer will demand for the wonderful car - "pathetic" one million US dollars that is several times cheaper than the modern supercars having with capacity less than 1 thousand hp.