Flying car existing in reality (part 1)

Earlier flying cars seemed only dream. But in present time it was turned into reality. To your attention 5 machines which became real are presented. (part 1)


The Slovak company AeroMobil worked long and persistently. Not one prototype has been created and tested. Successful tests have taken place in 2016. Witnesses of flight have told that the show was improbable!

Everything that it is necessary for it for take-off – 200 meters of equal road carpet, for landing - 50 m.

The flying car is equipped with modern devices, such as:

  1. autopilot;

  2. CPS;

  3. system for commission of night flights;

  4. perfect navigation,

To pass from the mode of land transport into the plane, it needs only 20 seconds.


AeroMobil 3.0 car, its cursor 100 horsepowers Rotax 192. Thanks to the power unit, the maximum speed can reach point of 160 km/h, in the sky – 200. Take-off requires 250 meters of the good road, for landing of 50 m.


By hearsay the price is not less than 300 thousand euros. On this money it is possible to buy the helicopter or and the local comfortable plane.

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