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Flying car existing in reality (part 2)

Moller Skycar М400

What cannot only be bought on the Internet. For example the flying car created by the Moller International company, already exposed on eBay on exorbitant price in 1 million dollars.

But the potentsialna truth the buyer will not be able to rise on him in air because of the ban imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration of America.

To the project the Athena Technologies and China company, persons interested to place production capacities of the flying cars with themselves show huge interest today. Therefore, the dream of the developer can come true.

The investor who wishes to invest 80 million dollars is already found. In general preparation for serial release of this car capable to fly is already begun.


places – 4;

take-off is vertical;

fuel – gasoline;

expense on 100 km – 8.5 liters;

speed in air – 610, 480, 225;

flying range – 1450 km;

the motor – 645 hp.

As well as the price of eBay 1 million dollars was told.