Flying car existing in reality (part 3)

Parajet SkyCar

Continuing subject of the previous posts we present you the flying Parajet SkyCar car. It for transformation from car into the plane needs 3 minutes.

His producers are 2 big companies — Parajet International Ltd and Rage Motorsport Ltd which have concluded the bargain therefore everyone will be able quite to get this transformer soon.

But its cost will be big. Will do design of car there will be the 2nd company, and for flight 1 will be engaged in details.


The producer has made to him absolutely new chassis it has reduced its weight by 80 kilograms.

Also cars have supplied:

rear parachute;

have supplied with the three-cylinder motor with gasoline injection.

Power of car is higher. Than at models which are in our catalog of the flying cars – 140 horsepowers.


Dispersal up to 100 km in land conditions - 4.5 minutes. The maximum speed is 180 km/h. Passable way - 400 km.

In air the car flies with speed of 110 km/h (promise 160), flying by 300 km. Its take-off reach 60 km/h, and cruiser height reaches 900 meters (maximum to 4500 m).

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