Whether it is worth taking Mitsubishi Lancer 9 Evolution

Mitsubishi Lancer 9 Evolution - sports car, the successful version of Lancer, on the ST 9A and CT9W platforms. The design differs from standard model, and the power plant is famous for no-failure operation even under trying conditions. The choice of such car can be caused by desire to possess the powerful car, fast and reliable. The price of Evolution 9 varies within $7800.

The sedan in the 2005th year on showroom in Geneva has been shown, and in the same day will go on sale in the homeland. Evolution and inhabitants of the American continent already on the New York showroom of International saw Mitsubishi Lancer 9. This sports car waited for the true furor, it з in all parts of the world.

Complete set

9 generations of Evo were on sale from the very beginning on 4 complete sets, but now their list increases or decreases depending on the market:

  1. Running standard version under the name Grandee Sport Ralli (GSR)

  2. The rally Sport (RS) is simple

  3. Special edition

  4. Mitsubishi of Raysing.

Each of sets differs in the features. They have shown different results when checking speedup, the maximum speed, roadability and so on. So, RS had no additional functions, and Spetsial Edition and Mitsubisi Raysing have been equipped with the advanced speaker system and other modern stuffings, for example, rear spoiler that made the car more similar to sports.

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